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Weight Loss Tips for Busy Moms

Weight Loss Tips for Busy MomsWhen you have kids, you understand the meaning of “not enough time in the day.” You tend to put the needs of your family ahead of your own. However, living like that in the long-term can really do a number on your health. Many mothers struggle with weight gain during and after pregnancy. Keeping at a healthy weight is crucial for heart health. Brookhaven Heart has a few weight loss tips for moms that don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

Keep It Consistent

The longer you work out every day, the faster the results you will see. However, for long-term change, consistency is key. Everyone has that one friend who will work out until they drop to lose 30lbs and then seem to pack it right back on. Instead of exhausting yourself with long, daily workouts, keep it simple. Go on a leisurely walk with your family, place your baby in a carrier and do occasional squats or lunges, take a few minutes every few hours and stretch. These small changes add up to significant weight loss.

Bodies Are Made in the Kitchen

Weight loss is much easier when you control the calories going in. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean protein is the recipe for keeping your body and your heart healthy. The benefit of eating lots of fiber-rich veggies and fruit is it will keep you fuller, longer, and it contains fewer calories than processed food. Not only will you be satisfied, but you will also be able to maintain a lower overall calorie consumption without feeling deprived.

Involve Your Kids

Children look to their parents to set an example. By living a healthy lifestyle and involving your kids in exercise and healthy eating, they will want to become healthier as well. Let them plan a healthy meal and assist in preparing it for your family. Schedule fun family hikes or bike rides. You can shape your new body while creating lasting memories.

If you would like more tips on adopting a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle habits, contact Brookhaven Heart. Call 631-654-3278 for more information today!