Vision & Values


  • Improve population health by providing Cardiovascular care at great quality and patient experience, maintain top rankings in quality circle and continue to grow as an organization.
  • Continue to lead and innovate to lower per capita health care costs, making healthcare affordable.


  • With COMPASSION towards our patients
  • Holding highest levels of personal INTEGRITY
  • Providing QUALITY care
  • Serving the COMMUNITY we work in

Welcome to Brookhaven Heart

  • ➤ Use online appointment booking for non-emergent medical conditions only. 
  • ➤ If your insurance requires a referral to see a specialist, you should obtain it from your PCP prior to your visit, failing which you shall be responsible for full payment for the visit.
  • ➤ Please bring your medications, results of recent labs, and tests if any on the day of your visit 
  • ➤ Please bring your updated insurance card and a valid form of ID such as a driver’s license.
  • ➤ Co-payments are due on the day of the visit. We accept credit cards, cash, or check.
  • ➤ When you arrive at our facility, please ask our staff to register you for the patient portal, which enables you to access your medical record, view lab results, request refills, and send e-messages to our office. 

We thank you for choosing us