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Healthy Heart Grilling and Cooking Tips

Healthy Heart Grilling and Cooking TipsIf you want to keep your heart in the best possible condition, it’s important to eat the right foods. One of the best ways to prepare your meals is by grilling. This can reduce the fatty portion of your meats and allow you to still get the best flavor from them. By knowing specific grilling and cooking tips to follow, this can help maintain the health of your heart.

Grill Fish Frequently

One of the best foods to eat for your heart is fish. This food is loaded with Omega 3’s that can help keep your heart in better condition. Omega 3 has been proven to be one of the best nutrients for your heart and your overall health.

Buy Chicken Breast

One food that tastes great when it’s grilled is chicken breast. When you remove the skin from the breast before grilling, this will make it even better for your heart health.

Chicken is loaded with protein and is a low-calorie meal choice that can help you maintain a healthy weight, as well.

Choose Vegetables

Grilling your vegetables is an ideal way to get these in your daily diet. Potatoes and carrots are always an ideal choice for an added side to any meal. Simply add these to your favorite meat of choice and you will have a meal that is healthy for your heart.

Grilling food is an ideal way to help you get the most flavor from what you eat and to help cut down on unwanted fat. Keeping your heart healthy should be your main concern and at Brookhaven Heart, we want to help any way that we can. Simply give us a call today at 631 654-3278 and let us assist you.