Consultative Services

Best Consultative Services in Patchogue, New Hyde Park & Hicksville

Consultative Services Patchogue, New Hyde Park & HicksvilleAt Brookhaven Heart, we know that learning you have a cardiovascular condition or even going through a heart attack or stroke can be a frightening and traumatic experience. We also know that having access to top-tier specialists is one of your top priorities. Relying on our years of experience and continuing research, we are proud to offer all our patients the best possible care.

At Your Consultation

If you’re looking for cardiovascular consultation or care, Brookhaven Heart is here to help. Our offices and affiliated hospitals are currently accepting new patients, and we’re eager to take care of you and your heart. During your first visit, you will meet with a physician to discuss your symptoms and concerns. From there, our team will shape a plan tailored to your specific needs, including any necessary testing, procedures or preventative care.

How We Can Help You

Our team uses evidence-based treatment plans and modern technology to provide you with the best medical care. Our integrated approach to diagnosis often includes:

  • Collaborating with your primary care physician
  • Working with a variety of specialists
  • Employing therapeutic strategies

Our comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment allows our doctors to offer seamless care for a variety of conditions, including coronary artery disease, hypertension, heart disease and rhythm disorders.

Answering Your Questions

Our team believes in building a relationship with each patient, so you feel comfortable and fully informed throughout consultation, diagnosis, and treatment. Throughout the process, we’ll work closely with you and answer any questions you have about your condition and treatment plan. Before we run any tests or perform any procedures, your physician will explain all the details and address any concerns you might have.

Contact Us

We look forward to helping you understand and treat your cardiovascular condition. To get started with the best medical expertise in our area, please contact us to schedule your consultation appointment. You can use our online form or call us at (631) 654-3278 for our Patchogue office, or (631) 654-3278 for our New Hyde Park location.