Stress Management

Professional stress management plan in Patchogue, New Hyde Park & Hicksville

A stress management plan is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your heart healthy. Everyone experiences some stress due to work, family and life events, but too much stress can adversely impact your cardiovascular health. If you’re feeling over-stressed, talk to the experts at Brookhaven Heart. We’ll help you find effective, affordable ways to manage your stress and keep your heart healthy.

Stress and Your Heart

High amounts of stress and pressure can cause your heart health to deteriorate and lead to dangerous complications. Common cardiovascular problems resulting from extra stress include:

At Brookhaven Heart, we know that being diagnosed with a heart condition or other health problem can make you feel anxious and tense. We work hard to help our patients manage that anxiety to promote healing and prevent further complications from elevated stress levels.

Depression and Negative Emotions

Today, millions of Americans suffer from clinically-diagnosed depression and negative emotions. Why? There are many reasons, both biological and sociological. However, one factor in many cases is overwork and stress. Healthy living and productivity go hand-in-hand.

Depression is considered a “negative emotional state.” People suffering from depression feel sad, dejected, or exhausted. Don’t brush this off as a “case of the blues” — depression can be deadly. Anxiety and anger often accompany a state of depression. Typically, people will visit their local physician for anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications. Your average physician is not equipped to handle mental illness, however. You need a specialist. You need someone who understands the human brain and depression as a whole. At Brookhaven Heart, we work closely with physicians who specialize in depression and negative emotions. Part of living a healthier lifestyle is living happier and more positively. You can schedule a consultation with us to discuss mental illness today!

Live With Awareness and Control

As a first step in controlling your stress levels, start to identify the aspects of your life or conditions that make you anxious, and work to change any factors that you can control. Next, try incorporating some of the following ideas into your personal stress management plan:

  • Replace coffee or caffeinated tea with decaffeinated tea
  • Use work breaks to take a short walk, preferably outside
  • Take five to ten minutes each day to practice relaxation methods, such as deep breathing and resting yoga postures
  • Make to-do lists and cross off items when you complete them
  • Praise yourself when you accomplish a task

If you don’t think that you can handle your stress on your own, talk to a physician or counselor.

What Should Be Included in a Stress Management Plan

The entire point of a stress management plan is to reduce your daily stress levels and not succumb to all of the anxiety and stress. Unfortunately, too many people fail in this regard and find themselves gaining weight, losing their social lives, and barely coping with what life throws their way. A plan with a singular goal is exactly what most people need in their lives.

Every stress management plan should include methods to tackle the stress-inducing problems, take care of your body efficiently, deal with excess emotions, and make your personal world a bit better. Various techniques and activities can help make this a possibility. It takes a bit of guidance and a clear path to build a comprehensive management plan. Most people may have trouble sticking with their stress-reducing plan at first, which is understandable. You need to push through and begin forming habits.

Stress Management Plan Steps

When it comes to building a significant stress management plan, one should begin forming steps that are guaranteed to help reduce stress levels and lead to a better, healthier lifestyle. Doing so may not always be clear or ease, but with proper guidance, anyone can form the steps to their stress management plan and begin following them. Stick with it for long enough, and a habit will begin to form.

For starters, keep your body moving – never sit more than an hour in one place. Doing so can lead to more stress and a significant lack of motivation. Next, make a positive connection with the people around you. Surrounding yourself with happy individuals can often lead to better social interactions and a happier lifestyle overall. Finally, if you are unable to change the issue causing you stress, learn how to avoid, alter, adapt, or accept the issue. Acceptance is often the hardest method, but also the most rewarding to accomplish.

Do Not Wait

If you feel that working with a physician to create a stress management plan would be beneficial to you, call the Brookhaven Heart team at 631-654-3278. Our health care professionals can help you create a stress management strategy that fits your life and needs.


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