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Top Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

Top Tips To Help You Quit SmokingTo quit smoking can be one of the hardest but best decisions you have ever made about your health. Cigarettes increase your risk of a wide variety of diseases and conditions that harm your lungs and your heart. Brookhaven Heart has helped countless smokers put out their cigarette for good! Here are our top tips to help you quit.

1. Find Motivation

Whether your top motivation is your family or your health, you need a reason to stop smoking. Think about the impact smoking has on your family, your social life, and your health. Use those thoughts as the driving force behind quitting.

2. Consider Nicotine Replacements

The withdrawals from smoking often send people back to lighting up. You can suffer from headaches, mood swings, and fatigue when you quit. Nicotine replacements can assist you in bridging the gap and weaning off the chemicals you have grown addicted to.

4. Ask Your Doctor

Your doctor may have some great tips or even medication that can help you quit. Some prescriptions are highly effective at curbing cravings and easing the withdrawal symptoms, which often send people back to smoking soon after an attempt at quitting.

5. Avoid Smoking Triggers

When you are trying to quit, avoid places, drinks, or other things that may trigger a craving. Many people tend to want to smoke when they have been drinking. Avoid these triggers and increase your probability of success substantially. Instead of old habits, try to establish new healthy ones. Instead of drinking, pick up a new hobby or sport. Your heart will thank you.

For more information about quitting smoking and the benefits to your health and heart, contact us at Brookhaven Heart. Call 631.654.3278 to schedule an appointment with one of our heart specialists.