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Top Tips for Lowering Cholesterol

Good Cholesterol East Patchogue NYKeeping your cholesterol in check is a good idea. Being able to keep it in the ideal range can help your heart health and is critical for avoiding heart problems. Knowing specific tips to help you accomplish this goal is ideal.

Eat Healthier

When it comes to the food you eat, you should work to avoid eating processed and junk foods. This will assist you in being able to keep your cholesterol where it should be.

Be sure to avoid eating high-fat foods and those laden with sugar to help you accomplish this task. By eating more fruits, vegetables and lean meats, you can lower your cholesterol.

Lose Weight

If you’re not the weight your doctor recommends that you should be, consider losing weight. This is critical to your overall health and to maintain your cholesterol in the process.

Losing as little as ten pounds can make a noticeable change in your cholesterol reading and is beneficial to your health.


There aren’t many ways that getting moving can’t help your health. Take the time to work towards getting in 30 minutes of exercise on most days, if possible.

Swimming, walking or doing some type of cardio exercise is ideal to help you with having the right number when it comes to your cholesterol. Be sure to do the exercise you enjoy the most so you will stick to it!

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