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Surprising Ways Your Heart Will Love You When You Quit Smoking

Each year, countless people challenge themselves to quit smoking. Doing so is one of the hardest undertakings anyone can accomplish, however. Once you start smoking, an addiction to the nicotine begins to form. Quitting is tough. As you quit smoking, you’ll start noticing some surprising ways in which your heart begins to heal itself and strengthen over time. You’ll feel better and your body will feel better.

After a Few Hours

If you’ve made the decision to quit smoking, then you’ve already taken the first step towards a healthier, longer life. Just hours after you quit, you’ll notice immediate effects.

  • 2 Hours – Your pulse, heartbeat, and blood pressure begin to normalize.
  • 8 Hours – Carbon monoxide is reduced. Your cells have better oxygen supply.
  • 24 Hours – Your risk of a heart attack drops significantly.
  • 48 Hours – Nicotine is completely removed from your body.
  • 2 Days – Sense of smell and taste return.
  • 3 Days – Breathing significantly improves.

From there, you’ll start feeling even better. For example, after 12 months, your risk of cardiovascular disease is cut in half!


We discussed how after just a few days of quitting smoking, and even a few hours, your health begins to return to some semblance of normalcy. However, in the long-term, you’ll enjoy even further benefits. Not just your heart, but every organ and muscle in your body will begin to repair and strengthen.

At 5 to 10 years, depending on how much you smoked in the past, your risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke return to that of normal levels – the same levels as those who never smoked.

At 10 years, cell tissue that was precancerous has been replaced. The risk of lung cancer drops significantly. Everything will be better!

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