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How Healthy is Your Heart?

What the eye doesn’t see…

healthy heartFor many, an illness or medical problem is only relevant when it actually affects them: either
through physical pain or reducing their ability to function properly. If they don’t feel any effects, then it isn’t happening; they only ever seek medical advice or treatment when something actually happens. While that may work in some cases, problems with the heart usually only manifest themselves when they are quite serious.


Lack of exercise, unhealthy eating, smoking and too much alcohol all play a part in adversely affecting our health. In some cases, it will be obvious—weight gain, shortness of breath, etc. —but these factors can also contribute to heart disease.


You may not even realize that your heart is succumbing to the effects of ill health until a specialist heart doctor tells you. Heart disease can be stealthy, creeping up on you without sign or warning until the symptoms are all too well-known.


There are many different signs and symptoms of heart disease, and they don’t necessarily involve chest pain. That is why you should start thinking about your lifestyle choices now, including check-ups with a trained physician.


If you would like to know more about the symptoms or signs of a heart in early stage decline, how to prevent it, or what sort of risk you may be at, then talk to an expert heart specialist; a few simple checks could change your life expectancy.

Brookhaven Heart has a team of professional physicians, each with expert knowledge on how to prevent, test and treat for heart disease. With facilities in Patchogue and New Hyde Park, we are the go-to practice for all heart-related matters.

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