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3 Heart Healthy Foods for Summer

Baked Salmon With Green Salad And AsparagusIf you love the summer months, you aren’t alone. Many people enjoy the warm weather and being able to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and grilling out, as well. Knowing the best foods to eat is important during the summer months. At Brookhaven Heart, we want you to eat the best heart healthy foods possible because we know this will pay off huge dividends for you.

 Leafy Greens

Green is certainly a color you will want to eat. Leafy greens have a number of important nutrients that can work to keep your heart healthy.

Magnesium is a nutrient that is ideal for keeping your blood pressure down and your heart strength up, as well.

Be sure to add some spinach, lettuce and other tasty vegetables of this type to your daily diet.


If you enjoy the flavorful tastes provided by grilling your food out, you will want to consider adding salmon to your menu. This is an easy meat to put on the grill and is ideal for keeping your heart healthy.

Salmon is loaded with Omega 3s, and this is one potent ingredient when it comes to your heart. Add some lemon for flavor and you’re sure to have a fantastic meal.


You’re sure to see plenty of this tasty fruit around during the summer months. This is an ideal food to add for your dessert and is loaded with flavor, but not calories.

Watermelon is full of potassium and this can help keep your heart healthy and your weight down!

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