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How Adding an Alternate Agent Could Reduce Cardiovascular Events

Cardiovascular Events East Patchogue, NYThere are many different ways that people attempt to reduce cardiovascular events. The most common method is with the use of statins. These medications can help lower LDL cholesterol but some people are unable to tolerate statin medications. There are some statin alternatives that have been shown to reduce cardiovascular events and reduce risks of coronary disease.

Fish Oils

Fish oils in addition to a Mediterranean-type diet has been shown to reduce cardiovascular risk. The healthy omega-3s can assist in cell repair and lower overall LDL cholesterol. This is a great and easy addition to your diet.

Intestinal Agents

Some intestinal agents, such as niacin and fibrates, have also been used as alternative strategies for patients who were unable to tolerate full dose statins. These supplements in congruence with a low-dose statin have been shown to achieve lipid goals.

Plant Stanols & Sterols

Food that contains plant stanols or sterols can dramatically reduce cholesterol levels. They do this by reducing the absorption of cholesterol in the intestinal track. These foods include many vegetables, fruits, and some dairy has been fortified with sterols to help reduce cholesterol. In particularly, walnuts were helpful in cardiac health.


Garlic has the amazing ability to not only lower overall blood pressure but also reduce cholesterol. There are sulfur-rich derivatives of the amino acid cysteine that have significant medicinal benefits. Add garlic to meals for a tasty and healthy addition.

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