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3 Heart Health Myths

The heart is the most important muscle in our bodies. Local Businesses That Improve Heart HealthAs such, it’s crucial we take proper care of it. Unfortunately, it often seems as if the world is against us. They’re so much unhealthy food, reasons to sit inside, and stressful situations that lead to heart disease. However, there are numerous myths online that play a significant role in our perception of the heart and how it functions. Educating yourself is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Learn the most common myths, then find out why they’re false. Start right here!

Myth #1: “I’ll know if I had high blood pressure.”

This is just not true. The only method to tell whether you have high blood pressure is to check it using a blood pressure machine. Typically, elevated blood pressure is silent, meaning there are no apparent symptoms to watch for. You could be thin and healthy and still experience high blood pressure.

Myth #2: “Heart disease is the same for men and women.”

Again, this is false. Heart disease can affect the sexes in separate ways. Typically, in men coronary artery disease occurs early and in women later. As the age progresses, the incidence of coronary artery disease increases in women and catch up to men. Heart attack symptoms can be different in women as well. They may feel fatigued, have shortness of breath, or weakness in addition to typical chest pain.

Myth #3: “Exercise is risky.”

If you have heart disease, some would tell you not to risk exercising. Again, this is wrong. After a heart attack, you’re typically encouraged to enter cardiac rehabilitation in three to six weeks. Exercise reduces heart disease progression and makes a recurrent heart attack less likely.

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