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Start a Daily Walking Routine to Improve Heart Health

Daily Walking RoutineWhen it comes to keeping your heart healthy, you need to take the time to invest in exercising. One way to do this is by simply walking daily for good health. This is by far one of the least expensive exercises out there, only requiring a good pair of tennis shoes and comfortable clothing. Knowing the heart benefits of walking can be the incentive you need to get started.

Stronger Heart

The key to avoiding many heart issues may be strengthening your heart. Engaging in a walking routine will help to increase your heart rate, which is critical to making it stronger. When your heart rate goes up, your heart will work to pump more blood to your muscles, as well as increasing the output of oxygen to your heart.

It’s ideal to do some power walking when you’re on the treadmill inside or while you’re out walking around the neighborhood. This will ensure your heart rate is elevated enough to increase the strength of your heart.

Maintain Body Weight

One of the best things you can do for your heart is to be at the right body weight. Being obese or carrying too much weight can result in significant damage to your heart.

Walking is an effective way to burn calories and work to reduce your body fat and weight. Keep in mind that losing one pound requires you to burn off 3500 calories.

Let Us Help!

At Brookhaven Heart, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you improve the condition of your heart. We believe in the power of exercise and how effective it can be for building a strong and healthy heart that will last a lifetime. Simply give us a call at 631 654-3278 today and we can help!