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How to Stay Active Inside

Stay Active InsideDo you enjoy taking care of your health and staying active? If so, getting your daily exercise in may be at the top of your to-do list. However, when the temperature starts to soar outside, your activity enthusiasm may significantly decline. Dealing with the heat of summer can simply be too much for you to handle. This makes it important to know ways to exercise indoors when it’s simply too uncomfortable to face the heat.

Get a Treadmill

One of the best exercises for your heart and your health is walking. Most experts recommend that you walk daily for thirty minutes at a time to receive the optimal health benefits. Doing so will help you build a stronger heart, keep you active and allow you to burn calories that can help your weight stay where it needs to be.

Buying a treadmill will allow you to stay in your air conditioned home and still get in a great workout.

Invest in Free Weights

Keeping a toned body is ideal to help you stay healthy and maintain your ideal weight. Muscle simply burns more calories than body fat and this doing some strengthen training at least three times a week will build muscle mass.

Lifting weights doesn’t have to mean you need to compete in body building competitions. It simply means you want to improve your overall health.

Additionally, the more repetitions you do with a lower amount of weight, the better body toning results you will begin to see. This is a great workout for you to do indoors when it is simply too hot outdoors.

Sticking to your exercise regiment is critical to your health. You can rely on Brookhaven Heart experts to help you find other ways to help you keep moving indoors by calling 631 654-3278 today!