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3 Ways to Help Your Heart During the Holidays

5 Ways to Help your heart during holidaysThe holidays are notorious for big parties with lots of food, drink, and relaxation with friends and family. While holiday treats are fine in moderation, the sheer number of parties and celebrations during the winter can lead to a catastrophe for your health. Brookhaven Heart always wants our patients to be as healthy and happy as possible, which is why we would like to share a few simple ways you can help your heart during the holiday season.

Healthy Food Choices

This seems like a no-brainer, but it can be one of the most difficult things to do during the holidays. There are many more temptations during the holidays than any other time. To curb your cravings, keep a stash of heart-healthy snacks available throughout the day, so you are less likely to pick the sweet or greasy ones. If you go to a holiday party, stick around the veggie tray. Your heart will be glad you did!

Exercise and Give Back

To offset any treats you allow yourself during the holidays, make sure to get some exercise. The holidays are a perfect time to participate in a 5k run or walk. Spending time with family doesn’t always mean lounging around. Get out and do something active together. It is a great way to create lasting memories and also improve your heart health.

Ask for Healthy Gifts

While many people wish for a stocking full of chocolate, ask for gifts that will keep you healthy. Ask for new workout clothes, a gym membership, or a produce box subscription. If you have been good this year, treat yourself to one of these healthy gifts. If it keeps you motivated to living a healthier lifestyle, it is worth every penny.

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