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Will natural remedies or nutritional supplements help my heart failure?

Congestive heart failure usually results from a weak, energy-starved heart losing its ability to efficiently pump blood throughout the body. Unfortunately, 30,000 deaths are caused annually due to heart failure. Many patients turn to natural remedies or nutritional supplements in an effort to heal their failing heart and treat their problems. Believe it or not, some supplements available on the market have been known to boost the heart’s functionality. For example, the hawthorn berry works wonders for those who suffer from sensitivity to digoxin. The berry increases the action of digoxin, making it possible to decrease the dose, lessen the side effects, and make it more effective for the patient’s health. The berry’s extracts contain flavonoids that increase the force of contraction in the heart.

The most natural method of all, however, is to take care of your body in the best way possible. Regular activity, proper diet, and allowing your heart to remain open to the world around you do work wonders.