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Everything You Should Know About Living with a Pacemaker

Pacemakers are a life-changing piece of technology successfully saving lives since 1985. Still, it’s natural for people to feel anxiety when they find out they need one. Irregular heartbeats and cardiac conditions such as bradycardia, syncope, or even heart failure can be reasons for needing a pacemaker. Being informed is the first step to lessening your anxiety. Here are some of the things you should know about living with a pacemaker.

Pacemaker Insertion Isn’t a Complicated Procedure

Surgical procedures of any kind are very scary. However, in this case, there’s very little to fear. Pacemaker insertion is a simple procedure and can be done in two hours. You’ll be put to sleep with general anesthesia, while the surgeon implants the pacemaker beneath your collar bone. After the procedure, your doctor or nurses will inform you about post-procedure care. You will likely spend one night at the hospital after the procedure, so doctors can monitor your vitals. After that, you’re free to recover at home.

Pacemaker Maintenance

Unfortunately, pacemakers don’t last forever. The electrical impulses that regulate your heartbeat come from a Lithium-ion battery. Much like any other, this battery can run out too. That’s why it’s essential to see your cardiologist for regular check-ups.

To ensure your pacemaker lasts as long as possible, you should go for check-ups every three months or so. The frequency will depend on the kind of device you have and its model. As the battery wears out, you’ll have to come in more often. But don’t worry — these check-ups are a simple routine to help keep your heart ticking correctly.

Living with a Pacemaker Keeps Your Routine

Having an implant like this won’t stop you from living a healthy life at all. You will still be able to partake in sports and exercise too. Traveling is still an option as well. However, it will depend on your condition and the device you have. Talking to your doctor beforehand is going to be mandatory. They are the best person to advise you on all the possible adventures you want to undergo. Your doctor will also be the one to tell you what is explicitly off-limits. As long as you abide by the rules, you shouldn’t be afraid of living your life to the fullest.

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