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What is Cardiac/Peripheral Catheterization?

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Cardiac and peripheral catheterization is considered an invasive procedure. As such, there are some risks involved with the operation. It’s crucial that you sit down and speak with your doctor beforehand. Do not be afraid to ask any questions or bring up any concerns. Your doctor is there to help improve your health and life. They’re willing to answer your questions promptly.

What It Is

Cardiac catheterization is a procedure whereby a catheter is inserted into the heart to take accurate measurements and pictures. The catheter is typically inserted into a blood vessel in the leg or arm while under local anesthesia. The doctor will then guide the catheter to the heart for accurate readings.

These readings will enable your doctor to treat an existing heart condition better. Whether you have a clogged artery or otherwise, with the right information, a solution is available.

What to Expect

While preparing for a cardiac or peripheral catheterization, your doctor will provide clear instructions. It’s vital that you adhere to all directions provided. Furthermore, any questions or concerns you have will be addressed during the consultation period. Now is the time to clear your mind of any worries.

Upon arrival at the hospital, you will change into a gown and lie on a bed. A nurse will then administer an intravenous line. Through this line, doctors or nurses may draw blood and start IV fluids. All completely normal.

Should no blockages be discovered during catheterization, and no unforeseen events occur, you should receive a discharge within 4-6 hours. Should you require further treatment, such as angioplasty or stents, you will be admitted immediately after the procedure. There’s nothing to worry about, though. The operation is straightforward.

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