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What a Cardiac Stress Test Reveals

What a Cardiac Stress Test RevealsWhen you are having heart problems, you will endure many different tests to determine the source of the issue. Your doctor will likely order a cardiac stress test as one of the methods of diagnosing the particular problem. It can be scary to go through these different tests, but knowing what to expect can relieve some stress. Brookhaven Heart is happy to share details with you about what you can expect with a cardiac stress test and what it can reveal with your health.

What Is a Stress Test?

A stress test is used to determine if there is the right amount of blood flowing to your heart during increases in activity. It can evaluate the effectiveness of therapies you received. Several different types of stress tests can be performed. Your doctor may choose one over another depending on your current state of health. The types of stress tests include:

  • Treadmill ECG stress test
  • Treadmill stress echocardiogram
  • Treadmill nuclear stress test
  • Dobutamine stress test
  • Perfusion nuclear stress test

For specifics on what to expect with each of these, you can contact your doctor directly for details.

What Does It Tell You?

A stress test can reveal if your heart is functioning correctly. If the test result is normal, then it is unlikely that you have significant coronary artery disease, but you may still need further testing, especially if you are having symptoms. If your result is abnormal, you may have a significant blockage in the blood vessels of your heart and your doctor will make recommendations for treatment based off of those results. If you are having symptoms, it is crucial that you talk to a heart specialist who can order the right tests and get you on a path to treatment. Your prognosis is much better in preventing a cardiac event rather than reacting to one.

For more information about cardiac stress tests, contact the experts at Brookhaven Heart. Call (631) 654.3278 to schedule your appointment with us today!