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Are We Undergoing Too Many Unnecessary Heart-Related Tests?

Brookhaven Heart Stress TestThe controversy surrounding medicine in America has never been more prominent, and at its heart is a discussion around the amount of times patients undergo strenuous and often invasive tests. And whether you’re healthy and simply undergoing routine preventative care, or have been diagnosed with a condition that requires ongoing observation, one thing is for certain: it’s not easy to identify just how many tests are too many. Let’s go over what’s good and bad about multiple tests.

The Bad: Excessive Testing Can Be Bad

It’s no secret: the machinery and processes involved in testing can take its toll on both a patient’s stress levels and physical well-being. This is especially true when doctors and medical teams don’t discuss the reasons behind tests with their patients and families.  Luckily, not all doctors follow this path.

While Brookhaven’s thorough approach and cutting-edge technology offers some of the most advanced cardiac care you can find, it also comes with the promise that no test will be run or process will be initiated without the complete understanding and consent of the patient, leading to reduced stress and more positive outcomes.

The Good: Tests Can Help Keep You Healthy

As we’ve talked about before, the best kind of cardiology is preventative cardiology, and undergoing tests is a huge part of that. Tests can reveal underlying issues that may not yet present symptoms, and can help doctors plan a course of action for your ongoing treatment. Early action often leads to increased positive outcomes, saved lives, and an overall better quality of life for patients.

The Answer: Partner with the Right Doctors

As a nationally recognized leader in cardiac care, Brookhaven is committed to not only treating a patient’s medical issues, but also working to ensure their quality of life. If you’re in need of any adult cardiac care services, contact Brookhaven now at (631) 654-3278.