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Ultrasound Technology: How It’s Used at Brookhaven Heart

ultrasound technologyWhen you are experiencing symptoms of heart trouble, it can be incredibly stressful. You can’t exactly see a heart problem, but you can definitely feel it. To help our heart specialists at Brookhaven Heart diagnose heart conditions, we often utilize heart and circulation ultrasounds. Here is some basic information on why we use ultrasound technology and how it can assist you.

Heart Ultrasound Technology

When you start having heart issues, you will see our team of heart specialists at Brookhaven Heart. We will evaluate you and then likely refer you to obtain a heart ultrasound also known as an echocardiogram. This machine can use sound waves to diagnose everything from heart murmurs to cardiomyopathy. We can assess the extent of your heart troubles and then choose the proper treatment options to treat your condition.

What Are the Benefits of Ultrasound Technology?

There are many advantages of using ultrasound technology to assess heart issues. Just a few of these benefits include:

  • Patient is not sedated or put to sleep
  • No contrast dye needs to be injected
  • Ultrasounds are fast, efficient, and comfortable
  • Offers precise diagnosis of many heart conditions
  • No radiation exposure to the patient
  • Ultrasounds can be used on patients of all ages

Ask Your Doctor

If you suspect that you may be having heart issues, request that an ultrasound is done to diagnose the source of your issues. Ultrasounds are typically easy and fast to schedule when compared to MRIs or other testing scans. If you have questions about ultrasound technology and how it can help you, it is best to speak to your treating physician.

For more information regarding ultrasound technology and how it is used in our practice, contact Brookhaven Heart. Call 631-654-3278 to schedule your initial consultation with our heart specialists.