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What Treatments Are Necessary in Case of a Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)

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For the most part, treatments for coronary artery disease (CAD) focus on controlling symptoms and slowing all progression of the disease. The chosen method of treatment by your doctor or specialist is based on numerous factors, a physical exam, and thorough diagnostic testing performed by said doctor. In most cases, should the blockage be less than 70% and is not limiting the blood flow too much, medication is the first choice.

Lifestyle Changes

For many patients, the most simplistic of treatments prescribed to treat coronary artery disease is just a lifestyle change. This may include quitting smoking, eating healthier foods, exercising on a regular basis, dropping some of that excess weight, or simply reducing stress from your life. Now, some of these changes are easier said than done. All will take work, but each one is achievable, especially if it could mean your health improves.


While a lifestyle change may work wonders for some, other people may have a difficult time with their disease by simply cutting out junk food or going for a run in the cool evening air. In that case, many doctors will prescribe various drugs to treat coronary artery disease. These drugs include…

  • Aspirin – This is such a simple medicine, and yet it continues to benefit patients constantly. Your doctor may recommend a daily dose of aspirin or another blood thinner. This little pill has been known to reduce the chances of your blood clotting, which may help to prevent further obstruction of coronary arteries.
  • Nitroglycerin – Nitroglycerin tablets or patches will control chest pain by dilating your coronary arteries and reducing the heart’s need for blood on a temporary basis.
  • Beta Blockers – These common medications slow your heart rate and decrease blood pressure within the patient. If you have suffered a heart attack in the past, beta blockers reduce the risk of a future incident.

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