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Top 5 Long Island Walks for Heart Health

Nordic Walking - Happy mature or senior couple doing sports in sWalking is one of the best cardiovascular exercises, as most people can do it and it doesn’t take a special level of fitness or any expensive gear to participate. If you are ready to put your walking shoes on and enjoy the sights of Long Island, here are the top five walks you should enjoy:

Bayard Cutting Arboretum and Heckscher State Park

If you want to start on your road to a healthy heart with a short, scenic walk, look no further than Bayard Cutting Arboretum and Heckscher State Park. The trail is less than one mile long, and while you are doing your cardiovascular workout, you can enjoy the many plant species maintained along the trails.

Wildwood State Park

If walking near the water is more your style, consider walking along the trails of Wildwood State Park. The trail is approximately two miles long and is good if you are an average walker and are not ready to face steep or uneven terrain. Walking along the water can be relaxing and make you feel like you are not actually exercising.

Connetquot River State Park Preserve

When you are ready for a scenic walk with a longer distance, Connetquot River State Park Preserve is your next stop. This state park is considered a preserve because its natural beauty is maintained for all to enjoy. The trail is suited for basic walking and is approximately five miles long.

Connetquot River State Park Preserve – Oakdale Hikes

Are you ready for your walks to become more challenging? The Oakdale Hikes in Connetquot River State Park Reserve have the challenge you are looking for. This trail is designed for the moderate walker who can handle a longer distance and some inclines. The trail includes almost four miles of paths and scenic views of nature.

Manorville Hills Trail

Manorville Hills Trail is another great trail if you want a challenge and are ready to take your walking to the next level. Nearly seven miles long, with a lot of elevation changes, it is sure to challenge your endurance and motivation.

Want to get started on walking for a healthy heart, but not sure where to begin? No problem. Give Brookhaven Heart a call at (631) 654-3278 and make an appointment. We can get you on the right path!