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The Time To Quit Smoking Is Every Day

You’ve Done The Hardest Part, Now Stay Strong

If you recently quit smoking, you’ve done the hardest part, but that doesn’t mean the next steps are easy. It takes time and commitment to stay strong in your decision. The thing about addiction is that it remains a temptation throughout your life. Even months and years after you quit a bad habit, it can still take a conscious decision to not fall back into it. The time to quit smoking is every day because you will be faced with the temptation every day.

Many people who have quit smoking say that every morning they make the decision to quit. This means that once you quit the struggle isn’t over. You will be tempted again and again to feel the high you once had, and it takes a strong mindset every morning to quit and stay strong. 

The reasons to quit smoking have been preached for decades, so we won’t berate you with a massive list of reasons to quit. Brookhaven heart is here to help you and provide resources to help you quit because you already know what’s good for you. The time to quit smoking is every day, and here are a few resources to help you.

Mark Your Calendar

Mark your calendar, because the time to quit smoking is every day. Whether you have a physical calendar or you rely on your phone’s calendar app, mark the day you quit or plan on quitting in your calendar. When you mark down a specific day, this can help you have a good mindset to prepare to quit. You can mentally prepare to have your last smoke and make sure you don’t keep any cigarettes or a smoking device at home. This will only worsen the daily temptation.

Marking your calendar also reminds you how long it has been since your last smoke. This can be very encouraging, after a month you can look back and give yourself a pat on the back for making it a month without smoking. Though the temptation is strong, you can curb it by acknowledging your accomplishments no matter how small they may seem. Have weekly and monthly reminders of the last time you smoked, and encourage yourself to stay strong.

Use The Right Method For You

You know yourself and your habits better than anyone else, so you can choose which method to use when it comes time to quit. Some prefer to go all in with the cold turkey method, while others benefit from things like nicotine patches. If you are having trouble going cold turkey, switch up your methods and try nicotine gum. Not only does this help with nicotine withdrawals, but it also helps with the oral fixation that so many smokers struggle with.  

You can also bribe yourself with small rewards. Try keeping a favorite snack with you, and every time you want to smoke, have a piece of your snack to help with the oral fixation and reward yourself with something else you like instead of a smoke. Another way you can do this if you are worried about gaining weight with the snack method is to take a sip of water when you want a smoke. You will be smoke-free and ultra-hydrated. The time to quit smoking is every day, and with these methods, you can form new healthy habits to make it easier to stay strong.

Stay Strong With Brookhaven Heart

Call Brookhaven Heart at (631) 654-3278 to quit smoking today. We have many resources available to you to help you stay strong. The time to quit smoking is every day and you aren’t alone. Every day the choice is difficult, but with it. You have already done the hardest part by quitting and now stay strong. Contact us anytime to get help or learn about our quitting smoking methods that can help you today. The time to quit smoking is every day and Brookhaven Heart is here to help. 

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