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The Importance of Maintenance Service for Your Pacemaker

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Doctors give patients pacemakers when the electrical wiring of the heart fails and leads to blackouts or profound fatigue. They place the tiny but very important device in the patient’s chest. There, it provides the needed impulses to maintain proper heart function.

Usually, a pacemaker will last for many years. However, if you want it to last for more than five, maintenance is essential. Every pacemaker runs out of battery or malfunctions eventually, but regular maintenance can extend its lifespan and keep you safe.

Here’s what you need to know about pacemaker maintenance:

Your Doctor Should Check Your Pacemaker Every 3 Months

 A pacemaker has an incredibly important job: it keeps your heart ticking. Without it, your life and health would be in jeopardy. Take the maintenance of the device seriously and schedule an annual check-up with a medical professional. They will take the appropriate pacemaker precautions and monitor the device’s efficiency and battery.

Dysfunctional Pacemakers Can Result in Health Problems

When you need to have your pacemaker fixed or replaced, your body might tell you. Contact a doctor immediately if you feel faint, dizzy, or lightheaded. Breathing problems and an abnormal pulse can also be indicative of a malfunctioning pacemaker. After seeking help, heart experts will follow pacemaker procedures to ensure that the device is regulating your heart rhythms properly and keeping you safe.

Maintenance Includes Several Important Checks

Your doctor will analyze the battery life of your pacemaker, but their maintenance doesn’t stop there. They’ll also examine the device’s productivity, function, programs, and accuracy. The doctor may even have you walk around so they can see how the pacemaker works when you’re exercising. Once you walk out the door, you’ll feel confident that your pacemaker is in good shape.

When scheduling a pacemaker examination, you want to know that your heart’s health in good hands. That starts with finding a reputable medical facility like Brookhaven Heart.

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