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Requirements for Noninvasive Vascular Testing

After Heart Attack

Noninvasive vascular testing utilizes a wide variety of different technology to help evaluate the blood vessels at rest and while during exercise. The procedure itself is quite painless and useful in determining if blood vessel disease is present, where it is located, and how severe it may be. Not all patients are right for noninvasive vascular testing, however. There are certain requirements to the procedure.

Why Screen for Vascular Disease?

When it comes to wound care, a focal point for clinicians should be to diagnose vascular disease where present. The failure to recognize arterial disease can lead to worsening conditions and devastating results.

Patients who are most likely to suffer from vascular disease or arterial insufficiency are those currently suffering from diabetes. Those who smoke or develop nonhealing wounds are also at an increased risk for vascular disease. You can never be too careful when it comes to vascular disease. It is a silent killer that can strike at any moment.


There are numerous types of noninvasive vascular tests currently available. For example, a carotid ultrasound will measure the arterial blood flow through carotid arteries into the brain. An abdominal aortic ultrasound will examine the size of your aorta. Each of these tests has one thing in common: they scan for vascular disease in the patient.

Patients suffering from severe or uncontrolled hypertension may require a renal artery ultrasound to measure the flow of blood. Each noninvasive vascular test requires a patient suffering from a non-healing wound or symptoms of vascular disease. While the symptoms may be the first clue as to a problem, vascular disease does share symptoms with other illnesses or conditions. To be completely sure, a doctor will need to perform the proper tests.

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