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Is the radiation from multi-gated acquisition scan dangerous?

Many people are afraid of radiation poisoning during MUGA scans. It’s an understandable fear, but, thankfully, not one with any evidence to back it up. Patients experience minimal radiation during a MUGA scan. The dose of radioactive material used in nuclear medicine imaging (X-rays or MUGA scans) varies widely. The treatment depends on the type of procedure and body part that we’re examining. Typically, the dose given is quite small, and people who are exposed to the radiation during the testing barely notice it. When weighed against the overall benefits of the scan, the potential health risks of radiation exposure are infinitesimal. There are no long-term adverse effects of low-dose exposure. The only side effects you’ll experience due to a MUGA scan include bleeding or soreness near the injection site or allergic reactions to radiopharmaceuticals. Even these side effects are quite rare.