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Pre-emptive Heart Services – The Benefits

Pre-emptive Heart ServicesIf you have ever suffered from chest pain, there is a very good chance that your first thoughts were related to heart attack, even if you then find out that it was just bad indigestion, you’ll still have a concern or two.

The Reality

Certainly, heart disease is becoming more prevalent in the more recent history, perhaps that is more to do with technology and lifestyle than anything else, but it is definitely on the increase. However, that doesn’t mean that every single chest pain is definitely a heart attack either. But how do you know when to panic and when to swallow an antacid tablet?


There are many services available to you to actually check the condition of your heart before you’re forced to have it checked because of chest pain or such – you will know the actual state of your heart health.


There are many different tests that can be done: We can check how healthy the heart is in general by doing a stress test and echocardiogram or other tests depending on your symptoms. We can then advise you regarding it and what the testing means for you.

If you’ve been wondering whether to have a check-up with a heart specialist, talk to the friendly and professional experts at Brookhaven Heart, we will be able to put your mind to rest, regardless of the outcome. Contact us online or call us at 631-654-3278.

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