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How to Perform HIIT Training the Right Way

HIIT and Your Heart

In recent years, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) programs have become wildly popular. This training method relies on short bursts of cardiovascular activity followed by a short rest period before another burst of exercise. Exercise fanatics believe this method of cardio exercise increases the benefit of cardio while using a shorter routine. However, whether you’re a fitness novice or in the best shape of your life, jumping into a HIIT program could be an injury risk if not done carefully.

Why People Choose HIIT

HIIT programs are designed to optimize and condition aerobic and anaerobic energy systems in the body. Along with improving endurance, the workouts create metabolic changes that can increase your body’s fat-burning potential for energy. Another perceived benefit to HIIT exercises is a reduction in muscle loss that may normally occur with traditional cardio workouts.  

Guidelines for the Programs

There are countless established HIIT programs already out there. You may even choose to develop your own based on exercises you enjoy and your fitness goals. To exercise safely, here are a few general rules to follow when starting any exercise program, including HIIT:

  • Start slowly. Every person responds differently to new exercise routines. Be sure to work within the limits of your current fitness level and gradually increase intensity.
  • Fuel properly. While not advised, many people can do traditional cardio workouts. This includes long walks or gentle jogging no matter how much food or water they’ve had. HIIT programs are much more taxing, so be sure to properly hydrate and have food in your system.
  • Listen to your body. To avoid health risk or injury, pay careful attention to your heart rate, form, and recovery. Don’t push your limits or repeat exercises that are causing pain.

Consult a Professional

Any time you start a new exercise program, it is important to talk to a doctor or healthcare professional. By understanding your current fitness level, medical experts can recommend a program that will improve your fitness while reducing injury and health risks. You can contact our friendly team of professionals for an appointment online today or call us at 631-654-3278.