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Pain in the Legs May Be Peripheral Artery Disease

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Many people who suffer from peripheral artery disease potentially notice no symptoms from the disease. Some people have mild symptoms, such as leg pain while walking. Alternatively, some leg pains experienced by those who have yet to be diagnosed may be suffering from peripheral artery disease without even knowing it.


Besides pain in your legs, you should keep an eye on a few other symptoms that could be related to peripheral artery disease. These symptoms do vary from person to person, however, so if you are truly worried you may be suffering from the illness, contact Brookhaven Heart as soon as possible.

  • Pain in the legs while walking
  • Cramping in your hip, thigh, or calf muscles
  • Leg weakness
  • Sore toes, feet, or legs that will not cease
  • Hair loss around your feet or legs
  • Slow toenail growth
  • Shiny patches of skin on your legs
  • Erectile dysfunction in some men


Peripheral artery disease is caused by fatty deposits that build up within your artery walls and begin to reduce the overall blood flow to certain regions of your body. The heart is generally the focus of artery walls being clogged, especially with atherosclerosis, however, the disease is capable of affecting the arteries throughout the entire body.

Potential Complications

While peripheral artery disease already sounds bad enough, other potential complications are associated with the disease that may cause worsening conditions. These may include…

  • Critical Limb Ischemia – A condition that begins as simple open sores on the body that just won’t heal or close up. Amputation of the affected limb is a distinct possibility, unfortunately.
  • Heart Attack or Stroke – Two of the worst heart conditions imaginable are potentially possible from the disease. Fat deposits build up in your arteries that supply the heart and brain, causing heart attacks or strokes.

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