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Why You Need to Have Your Pacemaker Checked

PacemakerA modern pacemaker is designed to withstand the test of time. As with many electronic devices today, pacemakers do require maintenance and regular checkups to operate efficiently. First and foremost, you need to learn how to live with your pacemaker. Understanding your pacemaker will ensure you live comfortably and avoid any unnecessary worry.

Scheduling a Checkup

When to schedule a checkup for your pacemaker varies extensively. When we first install a pacemaker, it must be checked over frequently, perhaps multiple times within the first two weeks or so. This is completely normal, though. Your doctor wants to ensure the surgery was a success, and you’re leading a healthy life.

Once your doctor has established the pacemaker is working efficiently, it is checked over less frequently. Within the span of one year, your typical pacemaker will undergo a checkup every three months, give or take. This examination is usually performed wirelessly, sometimes even over the phone. You’ll most likely visit the doctor’s office once per year.

When to Call for Help

The entire point of a pacemaker check is to ensure everything is running smoothly. Your heart relies on your pacemaker. You should contact your preferred doctor if:

  • If you experience any difficulty breathing
  • You gain weight quickly, or your legs/ankles swell exponentially
  • You experience fainting or dizzy spells
  • Your pulse drops suddenly or increases dramatically
  • Your pacemaker is installed for a fast-slow heartbeat, but your pulse is rapid or irregular

Battery Maintenance

A pacemaker runs off an internal battery. As they wear down, the pacemaker will begin to slow instead of stopping altogether.  Your doctor will analyze the battery and should notice well before you. Eventually, the pacemaker will need to be replaced.

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