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Living With Diabetes and Heart Disease

People who suffer from diabetes are twice as likely to have heart disease. Diabetes is not only a disease of sugar control it also affects the blood vessels including the ones that supply the heart. At Brookhaven Heart, we want to help you to achieve optimal heart health.

Diabetes and Heart Disease

Living With Diabetes and Heart DiseaseDiabetes, over time damages the inner lining of the blood vessels that lead to the heart and the rest of the body. This damage in turn leads to the buildup of plaque within the blood vessel lining that may restrict the amount of blood and oxygen that the heart receives. This increased plaque burden not only leads to decreased blood supply it also increases the risk of it rupturing, thus leading to a heart attack.

Hence the disease can either be stable or unstable.

It is stable when the decreased blood supply to the heart only occurs when one exercises.

It is unstable when the decreased blood supply to the heart is at rest. This occurs when one has a heart attack.


Although there is no cure for diabetes and heart disease, there are ways you can manage them and enjoy a long and otherwise healthy life. These methods include:

  • Getting regular checkups and screening for coronary artery disease if appropriate.
  • Evaluate other risk factors like hypertension and high cholesterol and control it as needed.
  • Incorporating regular aerobic exercise to your daily routine.
  • Adding more fiber into your diet.
  • Reducing or eliminating the amount of saturated fat from your diet.

Being diagnosed with diabetes and heart disease is not a death sentence. Follow your treatment plan and join a support group to help you deal with any feelings or concerns you may have about your condition. The staff at Brookhaven Heart is also available to help you manage your condition. Call us at 631-654-3278 to schedule a consultation.