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Living With an Implanted Cardiac Device

Implanted Cardiac DeviceIf you’ve had a cardiac device implanted, then you already know just how serious a heart condition can be and just what is involved in making the best of the situation. Living with an implanted cardiac device usually means that a return to a ‘normal’ lifestyle is possible, albeit necessarily involving a long journey.

First and Foremost

The first thing to understand is that assuming there is no underlying physical condition keeping you from participating in certain activities, an implanted heart device shouldn’t really stop you from taking part in regular activities like some sports or exercise. You should, however, always seek medical advice as to what is or isn’t recommended. Certain sports can increase the risk of actual physical damage to the implanted device.


Depending on your condition, device, and possibly even destination, travel is normally okay. But a little advance planning will help enormously, both to set your mind at ease and to prevent any serious problems. Speak to your physician about what type of activities to avoid. If your destination is a little remote, finding the nearest facility that can look after your specific needs is a very sensible precaution.

Medical Procedures

Before undergoing any medical procedures, either planned or unexpected, let relevant people know. Some procedures can affect the functionality of the device, leading to further complications. While many procedures and diagnostic medicines are safe, there is always a small risk to you, especially if the procedure or technology is quite new. At the first sign of any discomfort, report it.

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