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Is Hypertension Considered a Heart Disease?

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Whenever we have a doctor’s appointment scheduled, one of the first things done is always a check of our blood pressure. Hypertension is another name for high blood pressure, and is something to be avoided, due to the major ramifications it can have on your health. One of the most common things asked in regard to hypertension is whether or not it can be considered a standalone kind of heart disease or condition itself. It actually is, and it is what causes hypertensive heart disease.

Consequences of Hypertensive Heart Diseases

The direct follow-up question to the answer of whether hypertension is its own disease would undoubtedly be this: What is considered a hypertensive heart condition? The two main consequences of hypertensive heart disease are coronary artery disease, and enlargement of the heart. These are certainly not the only two diseases – these and other complications can prove fatal without the right medical attention given to them. Heart failure is one of those complications and it occurs when your heart is no longer able to sufficiently pump blood to the rest of your body – a reaction to the strain caused by high blood pressure or hypertension.

Coronary artery disease is when these vital passageways to the heart are clogged up and blood cannot easily reach your heart. This eventually leads to the weakening of your heart. The enlargement of your heart is just as dangerous a hypertensive heart disease due to the literal growing of your heart due to overwork. Because high blood pressure makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood all throughout your body, it works extra-hard to do what it can. As a result, the heart muscle thickness increases and eventually fails to become weak and floppy.

Ways to Prevent Hypertensive Heart Diseases

As stated, there are many other complications that can occur as a direct result of high blood pressure. The most important thing that you can do now is make changes to your everyday life that will help prevent or improve the progression of high blood pressure. This includes monitoring your weight, reducing salt in your diet, exercising, keeping blood pressure is the normal range and seeing your doctor routinely to monitor your blood pressure.

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