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What is Included in Interventional Services in Terms of Heart Diseases?

Interventional Services in Terms of Heart DiseasesInterventional services are the non-surgical procedures used to open the coronary arteries in order to increase blood flow to the heart. These include angioplasty, which involves placing a balloon within the artery to open blockages, and the placement of stents, which utilizes metal scaffolding to ensure that the blood vessel remains open.

Both of these procedures are done via slender flexible tubes, or catheters, that are introduced into the blood vessels that track up to the heart, thus allowing images and measurements to be taken. This is usually done with the patient under mild sedation. There is preparation involved, such as blood work prior to the procedure, as well as fasting the day of. If no blockages are found, it can be a same-day procedure. If further treatment is needed, you will likely be admitted to the hospital afterwards.