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Improve Your Heart’s Health By Walking

This is a great time of year to be outside here in Texas: the weather is cooling down, but it isn’t quite cold enough to make you wish for a blanket. That’s good news for your heart because walking around and enjoying that weather can be good for your cardiovascular system! Brookhaven Heart is your resource for establishing good habits to keep your body in the best health possible.

No Equipment? No Problem!

All you need to go walking is a reliable trail to follow (this can be anything from a mountain path or your own sidewalk) and some comfortable walking shoes. Anything else is up to you! You can always invest in a handy water bottle to stay hydrated, or some headphones to play music, but the activity itself is pretty simple! You don’t even have to plan on being sweaty afterward.

Walking Can Be A Group Activity

Another great thing about this time of year is that it tends to involve a lot of getting together with family and friends. Even if you live near the people you love, this time of year usually inspires us to make a bigger effort to see them. Establishing a habit of walking around your neighborhood can be a great way to exercise your body and care for your heart, but it can also be a fun activity to do with other people. 

Fun tip: Investing in a portable and lightweight Bluetooth speaker can enhance the fun for the whole crowd!

Walking Can Also Be “Me Time”

If you’re not enamored by the idea of a group of people joining you on your journey around the neighborhood, track, or mountainside? That’s totally fine! Your body will thank you for the exercise either way. Use your walking time to prep for the day, go over your mental “to do” list, make a phone call- whatever you can do while on the move, whether that’s getting ahead of your day, or simply enjoying the chance to listen to your favorite music, a podcast, or the sounds of birds chirping.

Reconnect With Nature

While it’s totally okay to get that walking done in your house or at a gym via treadmill, one of the biggest benefits to getting your exercise through walking is that it’s an activity you can do right in your neighborhood. No equipment or track needed! Just put on those sneakers and hit the pavement.

If you’re out of town on vacation, you might have a unique opportunity to see some sights and aspects of nature that you don’t normally see. Or if you’re enjoying a normal day in your own neighborhood, you might get a chance to talk to a neighbor that you don’t see often, or just enjoy the chance to appreciate the beauty of where you live. Either way, this time is a great opportunity to simply enjoy the fresh air.

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If you’re ready to start taking steps to having a healthier heart, give Brookhaven Heart a call. Even if you live a healthy lifestyle, we’re available to offer guidance and suggestions for ways to improve your habits. Call today to talk to a professional.

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