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Why is it so important to control my hypertension?

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is one of the largest risk factors for heart disease and stroke, both of which are leading causes of death in the country. Nearly one-third of Americans suffer from hypertension, and half of them do not have their symptoms under control. Those with uncontrolled blood pressure may not even know they suffer from hypertension. There are millions taking blood pressure medication, though.

If you fail to control your hypertension, you risk dying from a stroke or heart disease. In fact, you are four times more likely to die of a stroke and three times as likely to die of heart disease if your hypertension is not in check. Even a slightly higher blood pressure can put you at risk of both diseases should you choose to ignore the warning signs associated with hypertension. It is always best to have a doctor examine you if any signs of high blood pressure become evident