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Importance of Vascular Factors in Alzheimer’s Disease

Heart Conditions

Alzheimer’s Disease is known to cause an immense burden – both economically and socially – on families across the country. With over 15 million people affected worldwide, and a significant decrease in potential caregivers, it is important to understand the disease. Today, the risks of developing Alzheimer’s have increased exponentially due to various health and environmental factors. Vascular dementia appears to be on the rise due to heart-related conditions, too.

Vascular Dementia

Vascular dementia has a direct correlation with heart disease or illness in the blood vessels. Patients who suffer from either ailment are at a greater risk of vascular dementia later in life. These diseases include high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even high cholesterol. Patients suffering from any of these illnesses should speak with their doctor immediately to monitor heart health and treat any issues before they worsen.

This connection is not merely idle worry by doctors. Recent studies of brain tissue have proven a direct link between the heart and head. These studies suggest that plaques and tangles are likely to cause Alzheimer’s Disease. Strokes or damage to the blood vessels is also quite common.

Healthy Aging

There is evidence that healthy living and fitness may help the brain and body remain fit during the aging process. These strategies often offer some form of protection against Alzheimer’s symptoms or related diseases. By keeping your weight within healthy guidelines, avoiding tobacco and alcohol, and staying socially activate, your body and mind may flourish over time.

Any patient worried about their heart or brain health should consult a specialist immediately. There are various strategies, medications, and procedures designed to help.

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