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Importance of Regular Pacemaker and Defibrillator Checks

Countless individuals rely on implanted pacemakers or defibrillators to further stimulate their heart. These devices are designed to maintain a regular pace and rhythm. Inside, a Lithium-ion battery powers the devices and ensures an extended lifespan. However, the battery does not last forever. Patients should schedule regular checkups to monitor battery lifespan and replace as needed. Using remote diagnostic services, it’s easier than ever to ensure your pacemaker is in top condition.

Keep Your Heart Beating

A regular checkup ensures your pacemaker and defibrillator are operating as intended. Doing so helps prevent serious issues, including branch blocks. Blocks occur when something stops the electrical charge from stimulating the heart muscle. When the natural electrical stimulus fails, a working pacemaker kicks in to ensure the heart continues pumping successfully.

If you disregard proper maintenance, your pacemaker is useless. Regular on-site or remote checks keep today’s pacemakers in working order and ready for any sign of trouble.

Check-Up Guidelines

Medicare regularly updates its guidelines for both replacing and checking the function of a pacemaker. Previously, patients would change their internal pacemaker after a certain period of time. An old pacemaker must now be swapped over to “end of life” mode before replacement. Doing so ensures patients have full advantage of their pacemaker’s entire lifespan.

Of course, a pacemaker is medical technology. As such, it must be monitored thoroughly by a trained specialist. Your heart specialist will examine the battery and overall functionality of your internal pacemaker.

After being implanted, your pacemaker should be checked by a doctor within 1 to 2 weeks. After that, every three months, depending on model and age.

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