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Hyptertension – Symptoms and Treatments


Currently, in the US, about 75 million people are suffering from hypertension, with many dying of hypertension-related cardiovascular disease than any other disease or illness known to man. In recent years, around one-third of everyone over the age of 20 had hypertension, based on their high blood pressure tests and medication requirements. Controlling hypertension has become a priority in the country by the Million Hearts Initiative, which aims to prevent one-million heart attacks and strokes by the end of 2017. Knowing the symptoms and potential treatments are the first step.


Patients suffering from hypertension, or high blood pressure, typically don’t show any symptoms. In fact, many endure the condition for years without even knowing it. Doctors across the world call hypertension the “silent killer” because of its asymptotic nature. In rare cases, however, patients with high blood pressure may experience headaches on occasion.

The only surefire method to catch high blood pressure is to schedule regular checkups with your local practitioner. Over time, hypertension may cause “wear and tear” on the body, leading to damaged blood vessels, increased health problems, and weak spots, leading to hemorrhagic strokes or aneurysms.


For most, treatment generally involves managing the condition instead of removing it altogether. For patients with hypertension, ensuring their blood pressure remains within a normal range – under 140/90 mmHg – is vital.

Doctors generally prescribe lifestyle changes, including diet and more physical activity. Occasionally, medications aimed at managing high blood pressure are prescribed. Also, stress relief practices, such as meditation or relaxation, are highly recommended. These methods, combined with lifestyle changes and medication, are typically enough to make a difference.

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