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How to Prepare for Your Muga Test

A Muga (Multigated Acquisition) test is a diagnostic tool used by physicians to produce images of the heart’s lower chambers (ventricles) that hold blood. The test can show whether the blood is pumping properly and whether there is any abnormality in the size of the chambers.  You can clearly see why people prefer Muga, also known as a “nuclear heart scan” or “radionuclide ventriculography.”


In all honesty, advice can vary regarding Muga test preparation. But our viewpoint is safety first. If you have been scheduled for a Muga test, you will have received full and detailed instructions on how to prepare, all specific to you. As an example, some medication should be taken as normal, but some should be avoided. Only by taking advice from your physician will you be sure.


Again, depending on your exact condition, your physician may advise you to avoid food until the test has been completed. The usual testing procedure, however, does allow you to eat some food beforehand.


Something loose and comfortable is always practical when having any type of medical examination. It allows for easier access to your chest while keeping your modesty, you will have freedom of movement and should stay relatively cool. You don’t need to turn up in full gym clothing, however.

If you’ve been scheduled for any type of medical test, particularly one that deals with your heart, the first thing you should remember is not to worry. By its very nature, the test is the first part of diagnosing what could be wrong and therefore fixing the problem.

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