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How to Find the Best Cardiac Care Specialist in Long Island

Seeking out a cardiologist is a monumental task. We’re talking about the strength and health of your heart. It is not as simple as choosing a general practitioner. You want a cardiac doctor nearby who is experienced in your specific heart condition. You also want someone who matches your personal and communication style, to an extent. The first step towards improving your heart health is to make an informed choice.


First and foremost, start with a recommendation from your primary care doctor. Depending on your location, there may very well be hundreds of cardiac care specialists in the area. Your doctor has likely interacted with many of these specialists over the years.

In a nonemergency, your primary physician is the only individual who knows you well enough to make an informed decision regarding your health.


Next, seek out a cardiologist who is board-certified. Having the proper certification in cardiovascular disease means your prospective specialist has studied the specialty and passed the rigorous testing procedures involved.

Furthermore, look for cardiologists elected as part of the Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (ACC), which means they have demonstrated the highest possible standards of patient care. You can find most of this information online.

General Tips

Some general tips when searching for a top cardiac care specialist in Long Island include:

  • Location – Never ignore location. Quality and reputation are a good benchmark, but you will also want a specialist who is nearby in case of an emergency.
  • Experience – Level of experience is crucial. Do not hesitate to ask how many times your doctor has performed a surgery.
  • Bedside Manner – Finding someone that makes you feel comfortable is an important factor when finding any kind of doctor, but can be especially important for cardiac care. If you’re comfortable with your doctor, you may feel more inclined to offer additional, potentially life-saving information regarding your heart health.

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