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How Diet and Exercise Can Help You Have a Healthy Heart

Healthy diet and exercising. Brookhaven Heart.

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We’re sorry to break it to you, but hold on – the best way to keep a healthy heart all throughout your life and into your older years is… a good diet and exercise! We are passionate about having vibrant hearts that are strong, allowing us to be active with our friends and loved ones. Here is how dieting and exercising can help you have a healthy heart. Hear us as we share these tips – they are not hard, and we believe you’ll certainly never regret improving your health and quality of life.

The Diet You Should Aim For

For the healthiest of hearts, you want a diet that is: heavy in fruits and vegetables, good fats, hearty whole grains, lean meats and other sources of protein, and low-fat dairy. Eating fruits and veggies is the advice you have been hearing since you were a kid, and it’s absolutely still true. Not only are they flavorful and great additions to a meal, they are packed with vitamins and minerals, too. “Good fats” might sound like an oxymoron, but they are especially important for your heart. Omega-3 fats from fish and polyunsaturated fats found in nuts are both heart-healthy choices that will impact you positively all-around. Substitute your standard cooking oil for olive oil, for instance, and you are good to go. Whole grains provide you with more substantial ingredients and are higher in fiber, which is another positive support for your long-term health. Avoid having red meats too often. Enjoy chicken, turkey, varieties of fish, and other lean sources of protein instead. Finally, opt for dairy products with a lower fat content.

Many assume that a heart-healthy diet is bland, and probably hard to follow, too. But they would be wrong! You can still have a delicious variety that is kinder on your arteries, allows you to have more energy every day, while promoting healthy circulation as well.

Exercise to Get You Moving

Exercise and your heart makes for a beautiful domino effect! When you exercise, your heart beats faster and more frequently. As you continually build muscle on the outside with more frequent exercise, your heart grows stronger on the inside, too. As your heart pumps more blood with every beat, it also pumps oxygen that makes its way all around your body.

Exercise is crucial for a healthy heart – after all, they call it cardio for a reason. These are the best exercises to work up to if you are focused on doing heart-based workouts. Especially while we still have nice weather, you should get outside as much as possible and walk, run, bike, or go to your local pool for some laps. If you can find an aerobics class or a similar workout, if you have a heart focus, those are also incredible. Exercising will provide benefits for you in all aspects. You’re going to notice a difference in your muscle tone, and the exercise will also lead to weight loss and positive changes in attitude. Exercise has innumerable benefits, and you should determine the best workout for you as soon as possible.

Brookhaven Is There for You

At Brookhaven Heart, should anything unexpected ever occur, we are always here for you and your heart. Our team of doctors and nurses is readily available to perform a variety of services. When you have any heart-related concerns, you can always make an appointment to see us. Call our main office today at 631-654-3278. We are located in Patchogue, New Hyde Park, and Hicksville, New York.