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How to Deal with Congestive Heart Failure Using Conventional Medicine

Congestive heart failure is an increasingly common condition where the heart muscle is unable to pump blood efficiently. Unfortunately, the condition leads to around 30,000 deaths each year. Generally, congestive heart failure is just a symptom of an underlying condition, though. The heart does not simply fail.

Treatment Factors

When considering treatment, your heart specialist will consider numerous factors. These factors may be unique to your situation, and include:

  • Stage of the disease
  • Nature and severity of your symptoms
  • Sensitivity to traditional cardiac medications
  • Your tolerance for side effects

Other factors that may contribute to your heart’s weakening state include high blood pressure, cigarette smoke, diabetes, alcoholism, damaged heart valves, stress, anger levels, and so many more.

Treating Congestive Heart Failure

The medical industry has come a long way in treating congestive heart failure. For many patients, traditional medicine remains an effective solution. Prescription medication can dramatically help symptoms. However, side effects can be problematic with strong prescription drugs. For some, these side effects are as serious as the initial symptoms of congestive heart failure itself.

Such medications we may use include:

  • ACE Inhibitors
  • Beta Blockers
  • Diuretics
  • Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers
  • Aldosterone Antagonists

For others, medications do not provide enough relief. Everyone is different, after all. For this type of patient, we typically prescribe other solutions. There are natural therapies, other medications, and surgery available. It really depends on preference and the severity of your condition.

You’ll want to speak with your doctor promptly to discover which treatment is best suited for your specific needs and condition. Again, every patient is different. What works for your co-worker may not work for you!

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