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Heart Healthy Activities to Do in Long Island

Heart Healthy Activities to Do in Long IslandWhen you live on Long Island, there is never a shortage of things to do or see. However, going to grab a slice at your favorite pizza place isn’t heart healthy. Thankfully, Long Island also has many activities you can do that are inexpensive will help improve your health. You can’t beat that combo! Get out there and exercise in the name of heart health!

Hiking Trails

Long Island has a surprising number of hiking trails that you can explore. David Weld Sanctuary has some brilliant scenery to take in. You can wonder around the “Jewel of the Peconic” otherwise known as the Mashomack Preserve. If you are in the mood for something a bit different, check out the Walking Dunes of Hither Hills State Park where you can gaze upon large dune fields that constantly shift and change. There is a lot that Long Island has to offer in the way of hiking. It would like a lot of effort to tire of these scenic walks.

Explore Farmers Markets

After all that hiking, you are sure to be hungry. Don’t grab that burger! Instead, find a local farmers market and purchase some heart-healthy fruits and veggies. The key to creating delicious, healthy meals is to have fresh ingredients on hand. Long Island has numerous farmers markets to choose from. Brookhaven Heart has found this handy map showing all the markets in Long Island. Choose the one closest to you and chow down!

ABA Sports League

If you enjoy team sports but aren’t sure how to get involved as an adult, talk to the folks at ABA Sports. They offer lots of different sports options for amateurs wanting to get involved in a team-based sport for fun. Check out their website and sign up for the sport of your choice!

If you want to improve the health of your heart and need help, contact Brookhaven Heart. Call (631) 654-3278 for more information today!