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Health Effects Of Soda

It is relatively common knowledge that soda is not healthy for you. It is safe in moderation, but it is far too easy to overdo the amount that is safe. Long-term health problems can develop with too much sugary soda consumption. There are many alternatives to soda, but many crave the carbonated sweetness that a fountain drink offers. There are many negative health effects of soda.

The main ingredient that makes soda harmful to overall health is sugar. Sugar is something that many people eat and drink too much of, and the long-term effects of too much can be quite serious. A single can of soda usually contains between 29 to 42 grams of sugar, more than a whole day’s worth of sugar, which is about 24 grams of sugar.


The biggest factor in the negative health effects of soda is sugar. Sugar-sweetened drinks like soda are one of the main causes of poor health. Sugar in large and consistent quantities can lead to weight gain, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, non-alcoholic liver disease, and gout. That is a pretty serious and scary list. 

Soda causes weight gain due to the fact that it contains empty calories. A single can of soda contains a lot of sugar and doesn’t make a person feel full, so the calories don’t count as nutrition, making them empty calories. 

Sweet drinks also increase the craving for other unhealthy foods, which compounds the health issue. Not only are you consuming a large amount of sugar, but you are also more likely to eat greasy and high in sugar and sodium foods that cause similar health problems to sugar. The risk of health problems such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease is increased across the board.

Negative Health Effects Of Soda On Dental Health

More risks of poor health effects of soda are severe dental problems. It causes tooth decay and cavities. Cavities may seem like they are not a big deal since dentists are able to fill them relatively easily, but left unattended they can become more serious problems. 

Cavities are caused by soda easily by sugar, and sugar is the most common cause of cavities. Cavities risk gum and overall dental health, which can lead to heart problems, Alzheimer’s disease, and other dangerous diseases. 


Aspartame is not much better, in fact, it could be worse. Aspartame is a commonly used artificial sugar seen mostly in diet sodas and similar sugar-free drinks. While it may technically be free of sugar, it is still sweet and has similarly poor effects on your health. 

Switching to diet soda does not reduce a person’s risk of diabetes and other negative health factors. Even low-calorie soda options have poor effects on dental and overall health.

Skip The Soda

There are many beverages that are good soda alternatives. Sparkling water is a great alternative, it still has the carbonated aspect that you find in soda. Some juice is a good option too, but read the label to check for added sugars and other problems with juice. 

Try mixing fruit juice with sparkling water for a sweet and bubbly beverage. Tea and coffee are also good alternatives if you are wanting some variety in your daily beverages.

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