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Doppler Ultrasound – The Doppler Effect in Ultrasonography

Brookhaven Heart Ultrasound

If you are experiencing problems or irregularities with your heart, it can be unnerving not to know the cause of the issue. As technology continues to advance, the medical field is rapidly adopting better ways to assess issues, and heart doctors are increasingly using ultrasound to diagnose issues.

One of the key advancements leading to the effective use of ultrasound is the benefits of the Doppler effect. Here’s what you need to know about how the Doppler effect improves your ultrasound results.

The Basics

A Doppler ultrasound is a diagnostic procedure that creates a viewable image using sound waves. The test is versatile enough to detect and chart the direction, velocity, and turbulence of blood flow. It can measure blood flow through arteries throughout the body, monitor artery diseases, and detect issues with heart valves. Along with being noninvasive, a Doppler ultrasound creates excellent images while being pain-free and harmless to the patient.

The Doppler Effect

The principle of the Doppler effect is that sound pitch increases as the source of the sound moves toward the listener. Likewise, the pitch decreases as it moves away. Utilizing this effect means a Doppler ultrasound can recognize and accurately measure the movement of red blood cells, as their movement creates a change in pitch of the sound wave reflected from the ultrasound.

Benefits of a Doppler Ultrasound

Along with being noninvasive, some advantages of using a Doppler ultrasound include…

  • No sedation is needed
  • The procedure is fast and causes no discomfort
  • No radiation is used
  • Allows for accurate diagnosis of many conditions in patients of all ages

If you believe you are having heart issues, a Doppler ultrasound may be able to help diagnose the cause of your problems. Scheduling a procedure sooner than later could identify problems before they turn into a major medical concern. You can contact the team at Brookhaven Heart online or call today at 631-654-3278 to schedule a consultation.