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Heart Disease MUGA Scan Diagnosis in Patchogue, New Hyde Park & Hicksville, NY - Brookhaven Heart
Patchogue Patients Diagnosed With Heart Disease Should Know About the MUGA Scan Posted by Satheesh Joseph

People located in the Patchogue, NY area who have been diagnosed with heart disease may benefit from a MUGA scan. This non-invasive medical procedure can provide valuable information that could save your life. Curious if the MUGA scan could help you? Learn more about it and discover why many heart disease patients find this procedure helpful. What Is the Purpose of the MUGA Scan? The MUGA scan can help determine how well your heart is working. By using specialized medical

Cardiologist with patient
What is a MUGA Scan? Posted by Satheesh Joseph

The MUGA scan, or multiple-gated acquisition scan, is also known as a cardiac blood pool test. It is a completely non-invasive medical procedure designed to check the blood flow and function of the heart. During the procedure, your heart specialist will take video imagery of the lower chambers of the heart to determine whether everything works as it should. If any abnormalities arise in the chambers (ventricles) of the heart or in the movement of your blood, the doctor will

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How to Prepare for Your Muga Test Posted by Satheesh Joseph

A Muga (Multigated Acquisition) test is a diagnostic tool used by physicians to produce images of the heart’s lower chambers (ventricles) that hold blood. The test can show whether the blood is pumping properly and whether there is any abnormality in the size of the chambers.  You can clearly see why people prefer Muga, also known as a “nuclear heart scan” or “radionuclide ventriculography.” Preparation In all honesty, advice can vary regarding Muga test preparation. But our viewpoint is safety