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How Can I Lower My Risk for Heart Failure?

Lower Heart Failure Risk

As we grow older, our risk for heart failure or heart disease increases exponentially. Through proper dieting and care, it’s possible to avoid heart failure altogether, though. Thankfully, there are professional health providers and available resources to ensure we all remain healthy and efficient. Taking action now will improve your overall health – and your heart health – and potentially save your life moving forward.

Starter Tips

If you’d like to lead a healthier life and reduce your overall risk of heart failure, following these basic tips, first and foremost:

  • Quit smoking – If you currently smoke, you’re twice as likely to endure a heart attack, and you’re far more likely to die of a heart attack.
  • Improve cholesterol – We all know that cholesterol levels are equated to heart health. If you have a total cholesterol of over 200, you’re at risk for heart failure. Furthermore, HDL Cholesterol under 40 and LDL cholesterol over 160 may also lead to heart failure.
  • Blood pressure – Over 50 million people have hypertension, or high blood pressure, making it one of the more common cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Eating Right

The most efficient way to improve heart health and reduce the chance of heart failure is to eat right. A meaningful change in diet can have a significant impact on your overall health. By controlling portion size, opting for more vegetables and fruit, and avoiding fast food meals, you can eat healthier and live longer.

  • Eat more whole grains
  • Choose fruits and vegetables over chips or fries
  • Limit unhealthy, saturated or trans fats
  • Eat healthier fats
  • Choose low-fat proteins, such as eggs, fish, and poultry
  • Reduce sodium intake

Making the switch to healthy foods can be difficult, especially for someone so used to burgers and fries or slices of pizza.

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