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5 Tips to Help You Quit Smoking & Regain a Healthy Heart

For many, deciding to quit smoking is a popular resolution – but most don’t stick with it. It is difficult to quit smoking and maintain a healthier lifestyle, and the intense nicotine withdrawals are just part of the problem. You must also overcome triggers, such as those colleagues at work who smoke on break. Still, quitting smoking is one of the healthiest acts you may commit to in 2018. Here are five tips to quit smoking and regain a healthy heart!

Find a Reason

Everyone has their own personal reason behind their decision to quitsmoking. You may wish to protect your loved ones from secondhand smoke. Or, perhaps you wish for a healthier heart and a longer lifespan. Really, there is no “bad” reason when it comes to stopping smoking.

Prepare Ahead

When you quit smoking, your body goes through nicotine withdrawal. Smoking is an addiction. Beforehand, speak with your doctor about methods to help with nicotine withdrawal. You may attend quit-smoking classes, take medication, or even try hypnosis.

Avoid Triggers

For many, specific triggers throughout the day can lead to smoking. When you drink alcohol, for instance, it is definitely harder to avoid that cigarette, too. If you smoke when you drink coffee in the morning, consider switching to tea for a few weeks. In other words: Avoid triggers!

Social Support

Before you begin, let your friends and family know you’re working to quit smoking. Identify those who may be your social support, such as a partner or close friend. If they smoke, ask them to refrain from smoking near you. A little encouragement from friends and family goes a long way!

Get Outdoors

Getting outside and being active is a wonderful, heart-healthy way to curb nicotine cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms. Even mild exercise, like walking the dog, helps the situation!

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